2018 has not been treating me well … In fact, this is actually a big fat understatement.

It all started in January when I woke up with an excruciating pain – a kidney stone. I am a pretty tough cookie when it comes to pain, but OMG this was another level. It was small enough that they couldn’t do anything to it, but way too big for it to pass without me almost fainting away. I had only two options: suffer through the “out of this world” pain or be all dizzy from the “borderline illegal” painkillers. It took 2.5 weeks to pass. Ouch.

During a CT scan to find that stupid stone, another scary growth was found on one of my ovaries, that scared the sh** out of me as they referred to it as a tumour. Everyone who has lost one of their dearest people to cancer are very afraid of that word.

The doctors were taking it very seriously and I was sent to whole bunch of further investigations and examinations.

After the CT scan, ultrasound and MRI they are still not sure what it is, but they don’t believe it’s dangerous. Score!

It’s being taken out shortly, so 1:0 to me!

When all this drama had finished and I was finally slowly starting to get my life back on track, the shit hit the fan again.

Our beloved dog Karlo became ill, and only two days later – after a hardcore operation – we received a call from the vets telling us that he didn’t make it.

One day he was jumping around the park and two days later I was saying goodbye to my dead dog? This was one of the hardest experiences I have ever had to go through. Those who know me know that I am a crazy dog lady, and Karlo was my dearest bundle of joy. I miss him every second of every day.

For the first few days I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I would be able to move on with my life. It was just so sudden and so painful. My body physically ached of sadness.


















What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s such a cheesy quote, but it’s so true.

Sometimes we need something bad to happen, so we start appreciating good things in our lives.

I have.

All these events made me think about how short our lives are. How everything can change drastically overnight. When we are happy, we worry about the stupidest of little things, when all that matters should be our wellbeing, happiness and good health.

So here is the new me!

I just rejected a promotion at work and decided to start focusing on me and things that make me happy. I’m too old for “when I grow up I want to be …”. I am here now and ready to take on new opportunities and develop myself in a direction that will bring me joy. I was thinking of pressing “pause” on Skinity for a while, but this is MY little space in this endless online world, and I’d like to take you on my adventures with me!

Skincare is still my biggest passion, but there are also more important things in this world. This space will now become a little bit more personal and wide. Hope you enjoy what you read. I have some very exciting things coming up, so make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to my beautiful dog Karlo for giving me the best 8 and half years of my life. You’ll always be my best friend.


Ana x