There are just 17 days of 2017 left. How are your NY resolutions going? 🙂

I’ve surprisingly stuck with all but one. But I’m quitting again.

The countdown begins and so does mini-series of retrospective to an exciting year behind us.

I’m starting with a list of new beauty discoveries which not only made their way into my beauty stash (honestly, not THAT difficult) but also stayed there (very difficult). So here’s the majestic four that made the cut …



You all know my hair situation. Not the most manageable mane of all time. I switch between shampoos, conditioners and masks regularly. However, two of those products made a visible difference and they made the cut to – permanent position.

Bumble and Bumble Prep Primer and Thickening Spray – what a combo!!


After washing my hair I first spray Prep all over damp hair and brush it with a Wet brush. It gives hair loads of vitamins and hydration. I continue with the “Thickening one” on the roots and hair – this bad boy smells divine! Even if I jump on a bike with wet hair (which I often do because I am always in a hurry) when I get to work (with dry hair – the fast urban cyclist that I am) I can just brush them through and totally pull off the hair down look. A game changer for me!


I don’t believe in nail polishes with a high price point. It’s all about the base and top coat when it comes to the longevity of a manicure! In the base coat category, I haven’t found one which stands out.


Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro top coat, on the other hand, has made all the difference! For years I was a fan of Essie Good to Go until I stumbled across this one. It gives an outstanding shine and keeps the nail polish intact for so long that you have to remove it because your nails have grown so much. I do everything without gloves, so this ode is real people! La Seche Vite and O.P.I. disappointed completely.



Saying I’ve tried a lot of skincare products in 2017 is an understatement. The vast majority were way above average (which kind of makes sense as I’m over making impulsive purchases when it comes to skincare), however, none of them made me want to re-buy.  Except for one. Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer. There’s more to this skin resurfacer than the fact it comes with 35 of the cutest finger mitt sachets I’ve ever seen! This bad boy does what it says on the box, and does it really well. It managed to remove minor milia around my under eye area all on its own once – without physical extraction. It can be used on a daily basis, but I use it few times a week. (this depends on other resurfacing activities I do), It gently exfoliates, softens the skin tissue, gets rid of all congestions and prepares the skin for extraction of blackheads and spots. I am trying some other Dermalogica products, some of which are very promising.

Cotton pads Muji

I don’t use loads of cotton pads – acid toners, nail polish remover … I never thought about cotton pads and making educated decisions regarding which ones to buy until I once saw these in Muji. Oh dear. They are the softest thing to touch your face! I imagine it’s like being stroked by a soft fluffy cloud. They aren’t the most economical as they can absorb a lot of a product, but the pampering feeling is totally worth it! Plus they are not bleached. Score!!

What’s your favourite beauty discovery of the year?