This very cringeworthy myth has been going around the internet for years now, creating a breed of “natural skincare” beauty fanatics. What made me actually write a post about it was a YouTuber with relatively high following saying it in the video recently.

If you like to use natural skincare, go for it! I love quite a few natural brands too. Don’t do it only because you believe the non-sense about 70% of what you put on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream. *Spoiler alert* It doesn’t! Your life juice is not 50% blood and 50% your moisturiser.

Our skin’s main job is being a barrier. It protects our body from the water loss, sun, entry of microorganisms and foreign bodies – which include cosmetic products. Formulators and scientists are breaking their brains to make the right ingredients to penetrate our waterproof skin. Will the ingredient arrive to the right place? Will enough arrive there? Will it be in its active form when it gets there?

In reality, the majority of skincare products is formulated to only make superficial improvements of your skin. To make your skin feel softer. Did you know that natural oils* cannot penetrate further than the most outer layer of your skin. It’s where all the skin cells are dying, laying there and make your skin look dull. Skincare products work on the epidermis instead of a deeper layer dermis,  where all the “ageing” is actually happening. That’s why I usually talk about managing expectations about what skincare can actually do.

This doesn’t mean that nothing penetrates deeper. It’s just not significant enough for you to feel in any way intoxicated and to ban some of amazing non-natural brands on the market. It’s your call at the end of the day.

* When I talk about oils I mean carrier oils (such as olive, almond, rosehip, jojoba, …) and not essential oils!! Essential oils do (!) penetrate the skin and as a significant part of natural skin care this is not always the best news.