Saying that the last couple of weeks were an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement … Naomi is exactly two weeks old when I’m writing this, a good night sleep is just a distant memory and days are no longer divided into day and night but are a merged into a big blob of one- to three-hour slots when she sleeps. I don’t know what day is it or what part of the day … I’m just sure it’s February. Is it?

It hasn’t been the easiest but it’s been most definitely the happiest two weeks of my life!

Bringing new baby home gives you a whole lot of new challenges but let’s first talk about what’s in books for you in the third trimester.

This is the time when you haven’t seen your vagina for a while now, you can’t paint your toenails or tie your shoelaces anymore and you feel like a turtle on its back. It’s been too long since you downed the last G&T and you can’t wait to push this munchkin out already. But there’s more …

1 Cankles

If you think the only swollen thing on you is your bump (and boobs) you couldn’t be more wrong. In the last stretch of your pregnancy the water retention reaches yet another level. Not only it’s responsible for your cellulite, you also won’t be able to tell where your calfs stop and your ankles begin. It’s not a nice sight but thankfully you can’t see your feet anyway.

2 Your bump will grow more than ever

By now you were slowly growing but still managed to hide you’re expecting if you wanted to. Now you are slowly turning into a watermelon with limbs. It’s really not the comfiest couple of months. Your balance is out of the window, you get clumsy as you are just not aware of your size. You also stop picking up stuff from the floor at some point. It’s just not worth the struggle. That was Bali’s favourite trimester as the “5-seconds-rule” extended into “there’s-probably-a-piece-of-carrot-on-the-kitchen-floor”.

It’s now or never to declare a war to stretch marks. I dedicated the whole blogpost to my routine. It worked for me, so it’s worth trying!

3 Nesting

If it hasn’t yet the nesting kicks in like there’s no tomorrow. My advice: Don’t leave it till the very end when you can’t lift stuff anymore. The interesting thing is you don’t only shop for baby stuff.


You suddenly need a bunch of random things like that new planter from H&M home and a new bedding from John Lewis. You know what?? get them all! Once when the little one comes, your purchase habits change forever and you are the happiest when the courier delivers a new pack of maternity pads from Boots.

Another piece of advice: milk all the attention you get from your friends and family. When the baby’s out, it’s all about them. You don’t get as much food and attention 🙂

4 Your bladder plays weird games

If you think you visited loo too much before, it will get even worse. Your baby wees inside of you. Up to a pint a day. It also grows and so does a pressure on your bladder. The funny thing is when you finally make it to the lavatory, there’s only a couple of drops … As soon as you return to the bed, you have to go again. Repeat this for three months. There is a trick to it. Wiggle around when sitting down: bend forward and back, side to side, lift your bump … use your best dance moves to get that out and buy yourself at least half an hour before the next bathroom visit!

5 Your sex drive will be out of the roof

I’m not getting into details about this, I will just list a couple of facts:

  • sex is safe during pregnancy
  • there is no way he can poke the baby 🙂 Enough said!

6 Your cravings reach another level

People would ask me if I have any cravings and I kept saying no. Then I had to clean my fridge once and I found 11 jars of some sort of pickles. Oh well …

There was a day when all the corner shops in radius of a mile from my home were sold out of Raffaellos. It was all me. And Anil. He still hasn’t tried one. He was never brave enough to ask for one … Oops.

7 As cheesy as it sounds: listen to your body … but stay active!

I am generally quite an active person. Don’t get me wrong, I love (and need) my sleep – well, that’s gone now for a couple of years …, but it really frustrates me if I have to rest for days. That was actually the main reason why I haven’t enjoyed my pregnancy that much. My body just couldn’t  handle all the ideas I had … I am currently counting down the days to return to my gym box and start lifting again.

During my pregnancy I was aiming to do 10,000 steps a day, but in the last month I was doing between 6,000 and 8,000. People were telling me that the labour will be easier if you stay active. After 40 hours in labour and loosing 1.1L of blood during it I can confirm this is (sadly) NOT true. It’s really easy to get lazy and not leaving bed with an excuse of “I’m pregnant, I have to rest” but it really feels amazing to get out for a walk. Activities can speed up the start of labour. So does number 5 😉

I hope you had an amazing pregnancy and you will welcome a new healthy family member soon and quick (and without too much pain)!

Please share what were your biggest struggles of the third trimester!