This is everyones favourite trimester as it’s quite a boring one. It probably would be a tad more pleasant for me if I didn’t catch a cold. Twice. Both lasted for 2 longest weeks of my life. A mini reminder: you can only take a tiny amount of paracetamol. And a lot of ginger tea with lemon. This is the trimester when me and ginger broke up forever. A complete overdose. Can’t see it anymore … not even in a ginger bread man.

This is the time when your belly cannot be mistaken for a food baby anymore or according to my sister “now you actually look pregnant and not like you ate the whole pizza”. You’ll also start feeling little one kicking … I mean, at the beginning you cant tell whether it’s your baby or digestion.

These all sound “magical” and all but there are also a couple of things nobody warns you about …

1 Dreams

I’m not sure if you’ve ever fell asleep with a nicotine patch on but being pregnant will take you to a dreamland of very unusual worlds. A lot of nightmares, some weird situations with people you know and an occasional sexy dream. The interesting part is you’ll remember them clearly when you wake up.

This combined with multiple nighttime visits of toilet is probably just a nature getting you ready for the lack of sleep you’ll encounter for years to come.

2 Say goodbye to your pelvic floor

Mine quit his job during my first cold – probably somewhere in the fifth month. Since then coughing, sneezing, running down the stairs or laughing out loud is a lottery. Sorry for the TMI but this is just another little bit of a dignity that pregnancy takes away from you.

3 You get out of breath for no reason

Ok, by now you’ve probably noticed you fit on a “stand on the right” group of people when coming out of the tube station. The scarier part is when you are laying down, ready to fall asleep and suddenly you have troubles breathing. The reason is your growing uterus putting pressure on your diaphragm causing lungs being unable to expand as much. Short breathless goes away pretty quickly. If not, try laying down on your left side.

Second trimester is a “middle child” of pregnancy. The 20 week scan, finding out the sex of the little one and a first kick (not the lead to passing wind) are probably the most exciting parts of these months. By the end of the trimester, it feels like you’ve been pregnant for ages. But there is another three months ahead of you … bring it on waddle!