• After Sun Care

    3rd June 2019

    Summer is just around the corner and there’s no better time to talk abut skincare after sun exposure. You know … we are all familiar with tan lines after such a sunny weekend, aren’t we? If you ended up with lobster coloured skin or you’ve just acquired some tan – your skin is sun damaged!…

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  • Eat Pret(ty)

    24th May 2019

    I am a big fan of Pret’s bakewell slice. A true fan. The other day Anil mentioned that when he met me (almost 6 years ago!!), he would never have thought I was a “bakewell girl”. He was right! At that time I was living a very healthy lifestyle, buying my veggies on a small…

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  • Spring Edit: What’s in my beauty bag

    19th April 2019

    The sunniest long weekend is ahead of us. If you’re like me, you’ll be out and about all day every day sipping on a cheeky white wine spritzer at unreasonably early hour, snacking on Quorn sausages on a blanket in a park and participating in a group chase of your dog after she stole a…

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